Sugar Skincare is a private studio operating in the heart of Japantown. Offering superb waxing, threading, and skincare needs. We at Sugar Skincare strive to provide the best customer service in addition to our advanced skills as aestheticians. We understand your comfort is just as important as our skill set. Our services include restoring your mind, body, and spirit by incorporating high-quality products in a relaxing and rejuvenating environment. Your experience with us will always be our top priority. 

Understanding Threading

While threading has gained much popularity in recent years, it is best as an alternative to waxing. With many of us using products that have Retinols, Retin-A, Accutane, etc. waxing is no longer an option. So threading has become the best hair removal in place of waxing. 

Understanding the Brow

Your eyebrows are what frames your face. Having a proper arch in combination with proper width & length creates a balanced look. While most brows are not twins, we can still achieve the balanced look with sister brows. 

Understanding Skincare

As we begin to age, we need to understand our own skin type. Knowing whether we have combination skin or sensitive skin makes a difference in the products we use. Having a healthy skin regimen will not only prolong our youthfulness but also keep us conscious of skin cancers and skin diseases. It is important to keep these awareness prevalent.